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Mochlos is one of the only truly quiet places left on the North coast of Crete. A main feature of Mochlos is the island of the same name that is only 150m from the shore. It was probably still connected to the 'mainland' in Minoan times and was a signinificant harbour. The site is still being excavated.


Getting there: located about 35 km from Agios Nikolaos. It is off the main road so you will need a car or taxi to get there. There are no public buses to Mochlos but you can get of in Sfaka (on the main road between Agios Nikolaos and Sitia) and take a taxi from there


Atmosphere: very very quiet and laid back. There are a few restaurants and cafés but really nothing much to do. This is of course part of the place's charm


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Beach: not a very good place for beaches. There is a tiny pebble beach in the village and a slightly longer one a few hundred meters to the West but no sand anywhere. The bays around Mochlos are mainly rocky and good for snorkelling. You can also easily swim to the island (but make sure that you take a pair of sandals with you as the rocks are sharp).


There is a boat for the people who want to visit the island. The boat is also available for boat tours to the caves of Castello or to the island of Psira.



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