Crete Taxi Services provides taxi  transfer from Heraklion airport to Koutouloufari.

For your return trip by taxi from Koutouloufari to Heraklion airport you get a discount.

The village of Koutouloufari is located on the slopes of Mount Harakas to the south of, and high above, the busy resort of Port Hersonissos. For many visitors the village of Koutouloufari is a well-kept secret and many guests at the large all-inclusive hotels and other accommodation in the Port area and to the east and west of it, are unaware of its existence as the high rise concrete architecture of Port Hersonissos effectively hides it from view in most of the Port area. Even from the harbour itself the village looks like an extension of Port Hersonissos.


Those that hear about Koutouloufari, and the many that find the village by accident on the last day of their stay, the existence of a Cretan hill village so close to the brash commercialism of Port Hersonisos, comes as a complete surprise, and the phrase ‘we wish we had found it sooner’ is frequently heard! For those ‘in the know’, the village is the centre of their holiday and many return year after year (sometimes more than once a year!), to visit old friends, and enjoy the selection of restaurants and bars around the village.


The central part of the village is a network of paved streets, built in amphitheatre style to follow the contours of the hill and once the climb from the sea is over the streets are relatively flat and lined with many original buildings some of which have been converted to shops, bars, and restaurants. And while there are apartments blocks, these have been built on the outskirts and in such a style and manner that they remain almost invisible. In recent years many of the old dwellings have been reconstructed incorporating original features such as stone arches, making them into desirable modern dwellings!



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