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Milatos is a village on the east coast, close to Agios Nikolaos and next to the better known seaside resort Sisi. The village is split into Milatos, which is up the hill, and Milatos Beach down the hill. The upper village of Milatos is the more traditional part, with old stone houses that are painted white, narrow steets with bougainvillas, fruit trees and pussycats that wonder around and enjoy the sun and the easy life. Here it is quiet and there are not many amenities (at least not that I have seen). In and around the old Milatos village some holiday houses are being built, bringing new life to the village and its economy. Still most of the inhabitants are older people. There is also a nice church in the village but usually it is closed. The surroundings of old Milatos consists mainly of fields with olive trees. Now and than you can see an eagle flying around.


Facilities in Milatos on Crete

In the harbour of Milatos (near Milatos Beach) there is a selection of tavernas (mainly fish restaurants) and there is a super market. The beach inside the village is not so special though and if you want to find better beaches you have to make a short walk towards the village of Sisi. In between Sisi and Milatos there is a choice of three different beaches, all with facilities (umbrellas and sunbeds). Because Milatos beach is still at some distance from the main road and because the beaches inside the village are not that spectaculair it also stays reasonably quiet here (compaired to for instance Sisi). Most of the accommodations consist of studios and apartments. In the area there are a number of cute little churches and you can find another of the attractions of Milatos: the Milatos Cave, which can be reached over a road that leads through upper Milatos. Upper Milatos is still a very quiet and untouristed place.


The history of the village of Milatos and the Milatos Cave on Crete

Milatos was already a place of importance in the ancient times, when there was a city here. Milatos city was one of the seven cities that took part in the Trojan war. The cave of Milatos is situated a couple of kilometers outside the village of Milatos. You have to drive through the old village (just follow the signs, it is clearly marked). A large stone with the name "Milatos Cave" on it makes it clear that you are there. You have to park your car and than walk about two hundred meters over a path before you are at the cave. You would be wise to bring a torch / flashlight!! When we were there there were no lights and it was pretty dark. Inside the cave there is a small church and there is a memorial with bones, for the thousands of people that were slaughtered here in 1823 during the Turkish occupation. The cave itself is about 2100 m2 large and 73 meters deep with several entrances. Traces have been found that prove that the cave was already inhabited a long time before that.


The beaches in and around the village of Milatos on Crete

The village of Milatos has a small town beach in the center of the village and one on the edge. Neither of these two beaches belong to the best that you will find on the island of Crete, so usually they will be very quiet. Most of the people make the short walk towards the nearby village of Sisi to go to one of the three beaches that you will find in between these two villages. On all three of the beaches there are amenities and you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas. The beaches are mixed sand & pebble beaches.