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Istron bay is located along the road to Sitia. The village of Istron (or Istro) is really an extension of the village of Kalo Horio located further inland. There are several small roads leading from the main road down to the sea.


Getting there: 10 km east of Agios Nikolaos, plenty of public buses. About one hour by car from Heraklion.


Accommodation: located along the road and further down the hill towrds the sea. Istron is getting popular because of its good beaches so hotels are sprouting quite fast.


Restaurants: there are quite a few located mainly along the road


Shopping: a few supermarkets, otherwise fairly limited


Beach: a choice of three good sand and pebble beaches, shaded by tamarisk trees and protected from wind. The beaches are located well below the main road so a very quiet atmosphere