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The history of our village begins from the period of Turkish domination, That years turkish Agades ( topical chief) lived in this place and they had some small houses where they lived few months of the year.


The name of the small stone village was calling "Svouros", and according to old people, it had emanated from a turkish " Aga " who lived at this area that years around 1800 .


At the period of decline of Othoman Possession in Crete, few residents from Lasithi Plateau used to move at the winter time in more warm regions in order to feed their animals,


So they began to build, or buy some basic Stone houses .


Their main occupation was the sheep-farming ,the picking of the olives and the growing potatoes and cereals as barley and wheat .


Thus from then and each winter many sheepers with their families they passed the wintry months in this region because at Lasithi the winter was very hard.


The small village that had been created started to grow ,the people of Lasithi Plateau transported the culture and their traditions (even only for half year), and thus it was erected also the church, symbol of religion that it was inside the hearts of the poor villagers. The name that was given in this small church was "ANALIPSI" and from the stone sign that exists above the old door is advisable that it was establish in 1896.


Many years passed and everything was remained the same, the winter some persons were living at the village in order to spent the winter time at the spring they were going back at Lasithi . It is reported in the inventory of Greek population in 1920 the small village 'Svouros' had only 68 residents,


These roughly in general lines was continued until the war of ' 40. At ' German possession the residents did not face serious problems as killings etc, apart from the hunger and the misery that existed all over the island.


Thus afterwards the war and at the years from '60 to '70 population began to increase itself with slow but stable rhythms ,the village that time belong to the community of Hersonissos.


The name of course remained the same from old years "Svouros". The decades of '60 - '70 new name for the village came to replace the old one , the Church that henceforth, gave the name to the small village and it is called Analipsi.


The next years were important , for the growth and the economic growing of the village, because there where many productions of carnations but also other flowers .


We can characterize in few words this period as "Golden season of Carnation Flowers ", so many farmers had better conditions of living and also the place became henceforth and productive. That prompted the residents for their establishment in the village. Nowadays few villages still dealing with the growing of Carnations


Every year , from November until the January they were picking olives, this tradition is very old but that is even continued today, the way of collection may change but olives and their virgin oil were always one of the precious goods of nature.


With few words these were the most important occupations from which the residents of our village were doing to have a normal life until the tourism began to make it first steps in our place.


After years, there somewhere in ' 85 until ' 89 began to make their presence certain small hotels and small taverns.


Thus then Analipsi was not late to become a pole of attraction of many visitors which wanted the peacefulness and the calm of our small village but also for those that wanted to be near the Harbor of Hersonissos for their nightly walks.


A main economic resource of our village is the tourism. Important factor for success in our days, is the hospitality which characterizes the Greeks from ancients years.


In our days you can spend relaxed and nice holidays but also can discover more local beauties , and feel the hospitality. Even you can listen a 'Kalimera' (good morning) from the old people sitting at the cafe when you pass the street.


These historical information were written in order to give the possibility to the visitors of our place of knowing the small history of our village .



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