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The new extended municipality of Ierapetra, is located on the southeast coastline of Crete. It has 23.716 inhabitants living in the town and the villages and it covers 395km2, about 22% of the perfecture of Lasithi.

It has been known since the antiquity under the names Kirva, Pytna, Kamiros and Ierapytna.

One of the 22 cities in which Apostle Titus, following Apostle Paul's instructions, installed bishops in AD 68. According to an old tradition, St.Paul came himself and preached in the area named Fermon.

Nowadays Ierapetra is a modern town of 12,500 inhabitants. Its main features are its castle and the long, picturesque beaches.

Due to the fertility of the land, to its warm climate and the industry of the people, it has become a rich agricultural, commercial and financial centre.

The cultivation of early garden produce in greenhouses, which was launched in 1966, constitutes a gold-bearing source for the whole region.

Ierapetra, as a town and as a region, is walking with firm steps on the way of progress and development.

very spring from 1999 there are various festivities and cultural events to attend to, the "Cultural Spring" festivities, that are organised by the Municipal Enterpraise for Culture and Development.

During the summer the local festival "Kirvia", having a great variety of events, fills the nights with music and dance by folklore and pop artists, theater performances and art exhibitions.

Traditional festivals with raki and traditional snacks take place all year long in the many villages of the area. (when and where?)

Discovering the nature of Ierapetra you will have the chance to visit its marvellous mountains and arrange your own outing to conquer them.

During the summer, people who adore the sea can go for sailing, scuba-diving, sea-sports and fishing.

Ierapetra is famous for its tasty cousine which is based on olive-oil and the opulence of its garden and cattle-farm produce. The goat-stew, the cream cheese-pies with honey, the local stuffed vine leaves, "staka", the filled zucchini flowers and the fresh fish from the Libyan sea, cooked in various ways are some of the delicacies that you can taste in the city's restaurants, but also in traditional cafes in the villages of Ierapetra.

Ierapetra is a place of vivid and intense nightlife, especially during the spring and summer months.

Mostly gathered in the old city, but also scattered in the new and outside the city, there are various cafes, bars and clubs that you should look for and will keep you up till the dawn, without your noticing.

The people of Ierapetra have a permanent mood for party, are open and warm and quite eager to show you a good time. You will soon find out that the night hours will not be enough for you too!