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The traditional fishing village of Elounda hosts some of the world’s finest luxury hotels, suites and villas in the world. The area’s restaurants, hotels and resorts take pride in the fierce protection of their quests’ privacy and anonymity, while providing the highest quality exclusive luxury services.


This area was developed with painstaking attention to detail. The unique architectural concept incorporated the physical features of the coastline, while employing natural building materials such as native stone to insure that the final result would be aesthetically harmonious with the surrounding environment. The areas resorts also utilize renewable energy sources so as to minimize the area’s impact on the global environment. Unparalleled luxury with a conscience!


An impressive selection of 5+ star hotels and resorts await you, ready to entice even the most discriminating guest. The combination of superb appointments and service with the natural splendor of the secluded and protected Elounda Bay, have made the region a destination of choice among world leaders and celebrities alike. Elounda business owners and operators have been leading professionals in the hospitality industry for decades. They know the value of discretion and privacy.


Whether you are visiting Royalty, newlyweds or the CEO of a major corporation searching for the perfect destination for your next shareholders’ event or professional conference, Elounda Luxury Hotels are ready and waiting to offer you a fabulous holiday experience.


The sundrenched island of .Crete. has been a hub of international commerce and travel since deepest antiquity. Combining the mysterious and exotic influences of the Far East and North Africa the island has been a dynamic and multicultural presence in the Mediterranean for thousands of years.


The land where Europe first became the talk of the town, with Zeus spiriting her away in his guise of a great bull!


This magnificent island of extraordinary beauty offers a wealth of pleasures for the body, mind and spirit. Nowhere more so than a small area on the northeastern corner of the island: a magical place known as Elounda.


From Heraklion to Elounda is just over an hour’s drive. Take the National Road east to Agios Nikolaos and turn left to Elounda just before entering the town.


Allow approximately 2.5 hours to get to Elounda from Rethymno and 3-3.5 hours from Chania.



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Popular hotel/resorts in Elounda.

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